Who is Mr. Woodstock?


” It all happened by chance… I never planned on being Mr. Woodstock.”  

Dana Possick


When I became a Realtor just shy of 15 years ago, I was taught that specializing my real estate services would increase my knowledge and make me more valuable to my clients.

I took my training to heart and focused my efforts in Woodstock, Georgia.  Even during the worst recession in history, I kept my focus in the Woodstock area and my business thrived.  Unlike most Realtors chasing business wherever I could get it, I expanded my service to include tenant placement and property management- again in Woodstock; and my business as well as my market expertise grew exponentially.

My peers and my vendors started calling me Mr. Woodstock as a joke, but I took pride in it- it meant that my work paid off and the community has recognized me as the market expert I set out to become.  My landscaper once told me that he couldn’t get through a single day without seeing one of my yard signs somewhere on his route.

Over the years, I have shown, listed, sold, rented or managed a home in almost every single neighborhood in this fantastic town.   Since 2001, I have sold nearly 400 homes, have been involved in 500+ leases and brokered agents in countless other transactions.  When you combine my sales experience with my experience in managing every detail of over a hundred rental homes you quickly recognize that I am the guy you want on your side when buying or selling a home in Woodstock.

It is without saying that I’ve sold homes outside of Woodstock and I know the surrounding areas as well or better than the average Realtor, but when someone is looking to buy or sell a home in Woodstock in the Sixes Road area, they come to me because they know I am the market expert.

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I would be honored to assist you with your buying or selling needs as well.  Please  call me today to discuss what I can do to help you or fill out the form and I will call you at my earliest opportunity!